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DAPPER from SENTIRE by PC is an exquisite fragrance that transcends gender norms, enveloping the wearer in an aura of sophistication and timeless elegance. It is the olfactory embodiment of the contemporary individual who effortlessly commands attention. This symphony of fresh, spicy, and woody notes is a testament to the refined taste of those who appreciate a scent that goes beyond traditional expectations.

With invigorating soul notes of Tobacco, Clove, and Cedarwood, accented by a touch of Sandalwood, DAPPER opens a sensory journey that captivates. As the fragrance gracefully concludes, a warm embrace of cedarwood and sandalwood emerges, reminiscent of the comforting stability found within the sanctuary of home. The harmonious blend of these woody and sweet notes invites you to revel in the warmth of the present moment.

DAPPER is more than a fragrance; it's a declaration of sophistication, elegance, and unwavering confidence. Embrace your inner elegance and experience the allure of DAPPER from SENTIRE by PC today.

DAPPER Sale priceRs. 1,299.00 Regular priceRs. 1,849.00